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These resources will help keep you informed of important educational topics, offer tips on how to get connected at home, and provide specific information for parents of English language learners or students with learning disabilities.

ELL Students

Here parents of English language learners will find tips and informative articles to help their children succeed in school.

Get Connected

Find tips on how you can get your family connected at a discounted cost, and how to make sure they surf the web responsibly.

Learning Disabilities

Parents of children with a learning disability will find helpful advice and information to help their children make steady progress toward their educational goals.



For Parents and Teachers

These tools will help parents keep track of their child's reading activity, and help English-speaking teachers better communicate with Spanish-speaking parents.

Reading Log

Here you can find age-appropriate books for your children, keep a daily record of what they read at home, and email the logs to their teacher.

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Parent Communicator

Teachers, you can use this tool to write an email to your students' Spanish-speaking parents, and have your note automatically translated into Spanish.