Baby Jet Setters

By: Lorena Taboas

Holiday travelling is right around the corner! And when your baby is your #bestie, you take him along for every adventure. But as cute as you think your little co-pilot is, most people grumble at the sight of a baby boarding a plane. So, here are some tips to help you turn the struggles of flying with a baby to a very bon voyage.

1)      Less is more. The first time I flew across the country with my son I essentially packed up my entire house into a diaper bag thinking “it’s better to be safe than sorry”. My little one had other plans though, and instead of playing with his owl blankie, set of rings, Freddie the Firefly or sucking on the three pacifiers I had ready to go, he slept… the entire flight. I, on the other hand, fidgeted for hours trying to get the diaper bag under the seat. On another flight, my exploding diaper bag was no match for the plastic cup a flight attendant gave my son to play with. I am forever indebted to that plastic cup. So, take what you must and leave behind what you can. Your baby will find something or someone entertaining to play with on the flying playground that is an airplane.

2)      Give yourself extra time. Do not pack the day before. Do not get to the airport one hour before take-off. Do not get to your gate late. Travelling with a baby has its perks, but brace yourself for what’s to come. Although you’re allowed to take liquids through TSA when accompanied by your tiny tot, it takes time for the agents to examine everything you’ve brought along on the journey. You’ll also want time to feed, clean and change your baby before boarding. Some airlines will let you board first, but make sure to get to the gate on time.

3)      Wear your baby. I have worn my son on every trip. Not only does it allow me to be hands-free but it helps him feel close to his mommy when I can’t hold him with my own arms. And trust me, you need every limb available when hurdling through the labyrinth that is an airport. From curbside drop-off, to check-in, to passing through TSA security checkpoints, to boarding, to attempting to drink that complimentary beverage on-board, I have worn my baby through it all and he felt loved and comfy every moment. Happy baby, happy mommy.

And lastly, be patient as your baby takes in the newness that surrounds him or her, be mindful of your baby’s needs and comfort and most of all, be mindfully present and enjoy every moment of the journeys you embark on with your little one. Happy travels!

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